The seven spirits in the Book of Revelation

It may surprise a lot of people to learn that the first five chapters of the Revelation are seven spirit specific.  Were it not for the seven spirits, there would be no Church.

I am developing a free Bible Study on the Book of Revelation to demonstrate how YaHavah uses his seven spirits in the Revelation and the same seven spirits to teach seekers about himself and his son, Jesus Christ.  The first five segments are ready.  For the next few months this blog will contain quotes from my Bible Study.  I call the series “Ramping up Your Bible Study.” I am starting with a 25 segment study of the Book of Revelation, then will move into other Bible books showing how the seven spirits actually fills the Bible with knowledge of the Kingdom of YaHavah.

Word studies are my primary research for the study of Revelation.  Anyone can do word searches in the Bible as an aid to understanding the context and purpose of those words.  When I began word studies, the internet was in its embryonic stages, so word studies had to be done manually from a physical Bible dictionary and concordance.  I also used a Hebrew and Greek Interlinear Bible, the Zondervan 5 Volume Bible Encyclopedia, and Holy Land Manners and Customs.  It wasn’t a library filled with hundreds of books, but it was enough to launch me on a life of searching for the truth of the Bible in the Bible.

Today, the Wide World Web (internet) is way bigger than huge.  Ask any question and get millions of locations to find an answer, right or wrong.  There are many from which to choose.  How awesome is that?  It’s great for a multitude of subjects and perspectives, but the Bible is much more personal and focused.  To have Kingdom understanding, one must be born again in the Spirit of YaHavah through Jesus Christ.

Likewise, searching the net for everything others have to say about the seven spirits will yield a million options and growing.  I have read enough of those offerings to know that they are written with human understanding.  Things of the Kingdom of YaHavah can only be understood with Kingdom understanding.

The right way to study the Bible is personal and focused between the born again student and the author/teacher, YaHavah.  I find that word search studies are very effective in the bonding process.  It is an exciting and deeply rewarding process yielding daily Aha! moments.

No study on prophecy and the Book of Revelation has ever focused on the seven spirits until recently.  Is it a new perspective?  Well, from the human point of view, it is new.  From the Bible’s point of view, it is as old as YaHavah’s original plan of salvation before creation.

The seven spirits are very much a part of the grace of YaHavah.  Make no mistake; what you will learn from the Revelation and the whole Bible about the seven spirits of YaHavah is critical to your life in Jesus Christ and your control over the choices you make.

How does the promised Comforter Work?

Proverbs 1 through 8 is a good place to begin learning how the Spirit of YHVH works in a true believer’s life.   With YaHavah’s presence, believers can live in his righteousness to overcome the sin imposed upon humankind by Adam’s disobedience.

YaHavah is a spirit being; he is a living person with no beginning and no end.  He is infinite, meaning that he fills the heavens and the earth with his presence.  The Bible sometimes refers to YaHavah as the Spirit or the Holy Spirit.  These are epithets to describe the person of YaHavah.  The Bible contains many epithets for himself and his son, many of which are synchronous of both.

YaHavah created man (Adam) to have fellowship with himself.  Fellowship implies likeness; the Bible teaches that YaHavah created man in his likeness; a spirit person.  He made the human spirit finite to live in a house of flesh and bone.  Adam started his life having access to YaHavah’s wisdom and knowledge, which he used in naming all the plants and animals and caring for the Garden of YaHavah.  Fellowship with YaHavah also implies his counsel and understanding.  Man must have YaHavah’s counsel and understanding to learn how to live by his standards.  Adam lived a good life under YaHavah’s standards, until another influence tempted him and he failed to fear YaHavah.  Under grace, the strength to overcome Satan’s temptations is in the Spirit of YaHavah through Jesus.

The bolded words are the seven spirits of Isaiah 11:1-2.  More books and articles have been written about the seven spirits in the last five years than ever in the history of Christianity.  There are as many notions of what or who the seven spirits are as there are books and articles about them, but they only serve to prove that human understanding will always fail when applied to things of the Kingdom of YaHavah.

Jesus promised he would send the Comforter to his disciples after he went away.  The Comforter was with his disciples while Jesus was with them.  The Comforter’s presence was in the fulfillment of the prophecy that Jesus would be called Immanuel, which means YHVH with us. The Comforter is YaHavah who comforts his own in this wayward human existence with his infinite presence, wisdom, knowledge, counsel, understanding; all of which produce respect and deference to YaHavah known as the fear of YaHavah.  We receive this tremendous blessing through Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made of his own life to save ours.  You might even say he died to save believers from themselves.

YaHavah comforted Job when his human companions callously accused him.  YaHavah comforted Noah when the corrupted human race was turning against YaHavah and ridiculing Noah for building a boat where there was no water to float it.  YaHavah comforted Moses through a forty-year ordeal with the constant grumbling of the Israelites in a camp the size of the city of Los Angeles, California, or larger.  YaHavah comforted Jesus throughout his ministry and the ordeal of the cross, even though he appeared to be forsaken at his death.  These faithful followers and the only begotten son of YaHavah knew deep in their hearts that their Creator and comforter was always present.  They knew YaHavah fills the heavens and the earth.  They knew trust, agape love, faith, and hope.

A friend once said to me that we are not all in the same place of understanding.  She was right.  Even so, that is no excuse to remain static.  The Bible is a dynamic book, full of life, energy, and healing.  It is time to Ramp up Your Bible Study time to build some spiritual stamina in these radically changing times.

Redemption and revival of the Church depends on the presence and actions of the true and living Spirit of YaHavah with his seven spirit comfort and teaching.   Jesus went to the cross to give you life.  Shalom until next time


About Mary Lewis *

Retired senior citizen and Christian writer. My ministry in writing is to encourage all people to learn how to test the spirit of what they see, hear, and think to see if it is from YaHavah, our creator, before they act on it. There is always something to learn about YaHavah and Jesus and never risk becoming a know-it-all.
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