Understanding the Holy Spirit

THERE IS GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS in the times we are entering today.  On the good side, we are entering a new time of understanding the pure teaching of the Bible.  When I say pure teaching, I mean without using traditional church doctrines and creeds as a crutch.
On the bad side, there are many Bible teachers attempting to explain how the Spirit of YaHavah works, but there are some major problems with their basic understanding of the Spirit (of YaHavah).
The three most important characters of the Bible were introduced in the first three chapters of Genesis.  They are YaHavah, Jesus (as a promise), and humankind.  The nemesis of those chapters and in the lives of every human being from beginning to end is, in Hebrew, nachash, translated to serpent.  The more correct translation is the enchanter; whispering enchanting thoughts is his deceitful tactic of destruction.

About Mary Lewis *

Retired senior citizen and Christian writer. My ministry in writing is to encourage all people to learn how to test the spirit of what they see, hear, and think to see if it is from YaHavah, our creator, before they act on it. There is always something to learn about YaHavah and Jesus and never risk becoming a know-it-all.
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